A Simple Back and Shoulder Day THAT BURNS!

Hello Hello Hello.

My shoulders are currently burning as I type this up for you all, but this was the workout I completed today. I have been pairing shoulders and back because my upper body routine I LOVE from Nikki Blackletter does not include many back workouts, and you can never do enough shoulder workouts right? I won’t include my weights here only because yours will most likely be different. I will say though make sure you choose a weight that you can get all of your reps in with. Also, do NOT be afraid to google some of the workouts. I do it all the time. Don’t forget to focus on form because without proper form it can be kind of pointless and you risk hurting yourself. Let me know how this routine works for all of you!



Cable Tricep Pulldown 20reps

Dumbbell Hammer Curls 20reps

Dumbbell Lateral Raises 15reps


Pullups on Machine 10rep x 2sets / 5-8rep x 1set

Seated Row 10rep x 2 / 6-8rep x 1

Superset Lat Pulldown + Bent Barbell Row 10reps each x 3sets

Single Arm Row 15reps x 3sets Each Arm


Superset Rear Delt Raise + Front Cable Raise 10reps x 3sets (Rear delt raises do one arm at a time)

Lateral Raises 15rep x 3sets

Barbell Shoulder Press Behind Head 15reps x 3sets


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