When you’re feeling a little down, get organized!

The past few weeks have been a bit lifeless. I feel like all I do is work, football, eat, sleep, and repeat over and over and over again. I’ve been feeling a bit unorganized and unmotivated. I want to get my YouTube channel out there a bit more. I want to get back on my fitness routine and lose 12lbs. I really really really want to get back on my home cooking schedule as well. Life has just been rough! In the midst of my unorganized mess of a life a friend reached out asking if I wanted to join her fashion blog. Man did that light a fire under my butt! All of the wheels in my head are turning and I have so many things I want to add to my list. My only issue is following through! Now….how to do that….


So Haley, my friend who runs https://www.freebirdfashion.org/ , has been raving about bullet journals. I had to do some research, like a lot a research, but ultimately came to the conclusion that THEY ARE AMAZING! They are a good amount of work, but so much fun! As far as arts and crafts go my favorite colors are black and white and drawing is not my strong suit, so I am excited to challenge myself. Shoutout to Haley for helping me get my life together!

She sent me this link from a blogger who tells us allllllll about them! http://www.bohoberry.com/bullet-journal/

To conclude this post I will point out it is Sunday night and tomorrow is the day. I think I have said that every Sunday for the past few weeks, but this time I mean it! I am so excited to begin this busy schedule of mine!

XOXO, Have a great week!

(image from marieclaire.co.uk)


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